Contour Identification of an Image using C# and EmguCV

Finding Contours can be useful in creating masks for images and to segment and extract features from an image. Its used by Meteorologists to understand weather maps and for analysis and forecasts. The following post describes how contours could be identified in an image.

Implementation would be based on EmguCV the popular .NET ported version of OpenCV. Even though OpenCV is built in C++, EmguCV provides a wrapper which manages to invoke the same OpenCV libraries.By use of the EmguCV wrapper it provides all the necessary functions as well as data types of OpenCV in a .NET compliant library making it easier to implement.

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Using Vector (SVG) Graphics in C# .NET


Scalable vector graphics(SVG), has been widely popular currently in terms of rendering web graphics. When compared with Raster images, Vector images (SVG image types) have the following advantages.

  • As the name implies Vector SVG graphics are scaleable and do not pixelate at higher zoom levels.
  • Vector image scaled

    Vector image scaled

    Raster image pixelated after resizing

    Raster image pixelated after resizing

  • Vector graphics are formed using basic shapes, mathematical paths and lines. Because of this it is easier to understand sub parts that make up the vector image.
  • SVG files are XML files therefore customizing them and making changes is easier than manipulating binary raster images.

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Image Processing Part 2 Threshold using HTML5

Image thresholding is one of the most common image segmentation functions introduced. Thresholding results in a monochrome image. By means of thresholding one can enhance certain areas of an image. Typical usages of thresholding include.

  • Enhancing scanned characters of a document for OCR capabilities.
  • Enhancing finger prints.
  • Hiding/concealing areas of unimportance in an image.
  • Boundary detection for Mammogram images in medical scans.

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