Making of the TwUider – Promotional Video


twUider - Story Board
twUider – Story Board

The entire video was initially planned and drawn out as a story board. Though small it helped in deciding how each scene merges with the entire video finally done. By breaking the items into the story board also helped in deciding what assets are needed and need to be drawn out or modeled using software.
Progress updates were also tracked on the story board and a successful completion has been marked with a check. This gives a certain amount of satisfaction and denotes progress and a job nearing completion.

3D Designing

3D Studio Max Samples

Even though the video mostly appears as 2D vectors, entire scenes were modeled in 3D. Primitive object types were used in modelling. Biped character bone structures were used to help in animation.

Cameras, lights and shadow maps with higher diffuse shadow spreads have been used to give a more soft and uniform shadowing to the models. Sharper darker shadows are avoided since the focus would be drawn more towards shadows if so. Lens effects were used for glows and additional illumination.

Sections of screen captures were used and these animated clips were layered on top of the existing models by using customized materials.

Video Composition

twUider Video Composition

The final segments were rendered out by 3Ds Max as image sequences and have been imported to Adobe Premiere and all of these segments were stitched together with audio and transitions. Special key framing animations were done in premiere to handle the introduction and conclusion scenes of the video.


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