Image Processing Part 2 Threshold using HTML5

Image thresholding is one of the most common image segmentation functions introduced. Thresholding results in a monochrome image. By means of thresholding one can enhance certain areas of an image. Typical usages of thresholding include.

  • Enhancing scanned characters of a document for OCR capabilities.
  • Enhancing finger prints.
  • Hiding/concealing areas of unimportance in an image.
  • Boundary detection for Mammogram images in medical scans.

After thresholding since images are divided into two separate blobs of black and white distinguishing commonalities of areas with similar illuminance.

Example of thresholding an image in different threshold levels.


Threshold Level Source Image Thresholded Image
Threshold Level : 92 1301032220_small 1301032220_small_threshold_92
Threshold Level : 128 1301032220_small 1301032220_small_threshold_128

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