Making of the TwUider – Promotional Video


twUider - Story Board

twUider – Story Board

The entire video was initially planned and drawn out as a story board. Though small it helped in deciding how each scene merges with the entire video finally done. By breaking the items into the story board also helped in deciding what assets are needed and need to be drawn out or modeled using software.
Progress updates were also tracked on the story board and a successful completion has been marked with a check. This gives a certain amount of satisfaction and denotes progress and a job nearing completion.

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Image Processing Part 2 Threshold using HTML5

Image thresholding is one of the most common image segmentation functions introduced. Thresholding results in a monochrome image. By means of thresholding one can enhance certain areas of an image. Typical usages of thresholding include.

  • Enhancing scanned characters of a document for OCR capabilities.
  • Enhancing finger prints.
  • Hiding/concealing areas of unimportance in an image.
  • Boundary detection for Mammogram images in medical scans.

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Image Processing Part 1 Grayscaling using HTML5

Almost all images and photographs we come across are colored images. But for simplicity of algorithms most image processing algorithms are based on gray images (single channel). Even though colors play an important role in giving humans a true feel for images when it comes to details gray images and color images preserve the same amount of luminance and variation terms of details. Therefore even though the color information is lost, by converting an image to grayscale the details are still preserved.

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