Crosswalk Project – Handling Hybrid Mobile Fragmentation

When developing hybrid mobile solutions one of the major challenges every developer faces is to handle the device fragmentation. There are an overwhelming number of devices out there, that it is sometimes impossible to cater to all of them and to provide a uniform user experience through a single hybrid mobile solution. Continue reading

Page Visibility API, Making sure its seen!

The Problem

Recently in one of our applications, we noticed sluggish response times and crashes of a real-time SVG graph. This issue happened only when the graph was running in the background in an inactive tab of the browser window and then when brought back to front after a considerable amount of time.

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Multithreaded Programming Techniques in C#

The age of single core CPUs in computing is long gone. As processing power increases and multiple processing cores get stacked into a single silicon chip, the applications we write too need to be optimized to utilize the underlying hardware it runs on.
Though we overlook at times and focus ourselves more on the business logic implemented, in the long run in terms of usability and scalability applications would need to be revised and thought through for better optimization.

Multithreading however helps in solving the following.

  • Improved responsiveness of applications.
  • Maximize utilization and performance.
  • Concurrent access to resources.

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